How many iPhones have a broken screen ?

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Do you know that 30% of iPhones are broken every year ?! The broken screen case is the most important situation. Hopefully there are easy solutions to avoid this frustration !

Some figures on broken iPhones

Based on LifeLine Repairs reports that iPhone technology is known to be fragile and they are easily damageable.

We knew that there is a lot of broken iPhone screens but the discovered number of 30% surprised us. We expect that this number is higher if we take into account the owners who continue using their iPhone with a broken screen. The users want to keep the iPhone friendly design visible while they know that iPhones are very fragile.

So, what actions could be taken to keep your iPhone safe ? See first the 3 top damaging cases:

The three top causes of broken iPhones

  • Failing from user hand
  • Dropping into liquid
  • Failing from a table

We know that iPhone owners use their phone carefully, but even with this high attention we reach that high rate of 30% damaged iPhones. This is just about $6 billion cost in repair and replacements.

Actions to protect your iPhone

  • Always put your iPhone on a flat surface
  • Avoid table borders
  • Do not let children using your iPhone alone
  • Add a screen protector
  • Use a protective case

Phone repair experts say that the majority of damages are caused by phone falling, they recommend to use a strong and anti-chock phone case.

As the second cause is liquid, it's also recommended to have a waterproof case. Today you can find strong cases grouping these features for less than $25, it's a ridiculous price for an ultimate protection.

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